Automatic Cat Feeder using Arduino

As a school project, I decided to build my own automatic cat feeder using Arduino. In few days, I realized a cat feeder which can be programmable. It can be used to feed a cat during a short absence for example.

I made it with an old Pringles box, some 3D printed pieces, glue and tape for finishes. For technical specs, I used an Arduino UNO, a servo motor (MG996R), a RTC module (DS1307) and a 16×2 LCD screen.

I’m pretty proud of the result although it can be improved. Indeed, a more compact version of the cat feeder will be ideal and we can imagine an app to schedule the cat’s meals. Add a battery into the system would be better than being plugged. That’s some improvements I could maybe add to this project.

See the video to discover the automatic cat feeder :

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