How to make an Automatic Cat Feeder with Arduino

As a school project, I decided to build my own automatic cat feeder using Arduino. In few days, I realized a cat feeder which can be programmable. It can be used to feed a cat during a short absence for example.


I made it with an old Pringles box, some 3D printed pieces, glue and tape for finishes. For technical specs, I used an Arduino UNO, a servo motor (MG996R), a RTC module (DS1307) and a 16×2 LCD screen.


The idea is pretty simple. Imagine you have a cat and you have to leave for few days. Don’t panic, the cat will be feed ! Fill the box with cat’s food, schedule its meals and leave with peace of mind.

The project is just a prototype and must be improved. Indeed, to schedule the cat’s meal we need to modify the program of the Arduino board. That’s not very practical. Furthermore, the opening allowing the food to fall is not optimal. Sometimes the food stay stuck in the box and we need to gently shake it. An endless screw system or a funnel should be better instead.

However I’m pretty proud of the result although it can be improved. A more compact version of the cat feeder will be ideal and we can imagine an app to schedule the cat’s meals. Add a battery into the system would be better than being plugged.

That’s some improvements I could add to this project. Maybe one day, who knows ?

Watch the complete video for demonstration

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